Something a Little Different

I’ve never really done an Outfit of the Day Post, or  What I’m Wearing or anything really fashion related I don’t think. This is my not so good attempt at documenting my quite comfy outfit while meeting my cousin for a chat and a wander around our local shopping center. I am also going to show my hair, make up and accessories.

I found the pictures a little difficult to take, I applaud anyone who can do this successfully every time! I apologize for such bad pictures I just thought we needed a change around here.

My Top is from Tesco – so classy It’s quite comfortable and goes with a lot of outfits. I really like the lace detail on the shoulders. It’s also baggy, perfect for days when you’re feeling crappy.

My White Vest ( under top) is from Vila – the comfiest vest tops I’ve ever owned are from this shop.

My Jeggings are from Vila – these are the comfiest jeggings ever- I have them in other colours too!

My Boots are from Sketchers – these boots are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned.

My Bag is from Pennys – nothing exciting, I got it for my holidays because it’s quite big but not overly bulky. It matches the colour of my trousers, has a quilted appearance and gold hardware.

For make up – I’ve used Benefits Luv It Up, M.A.C’s Tan, Benefit’s They’re Real, Agent Zero Shine, Illamasqua’s Peaked on my cheeks and the rest is my regular make up from other posts I’ve done.

Hair – Is just a messy flipped side pony.

Earrings – were a gift from my boyfriend.










Thanks for reading! ‘Til next post,



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  1. Paper Doll Pretty | Reply

    Super cute top!

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