Madam Tussauds

This will be a picture heavy post!

Another place we visited in London was Madam Tussauds! Since my boyfriend has previously been to London, he remembered all the fun things they done as children, and helped plan our trip a little easier. We were undecided whether we would visit Madam Tussauds even the night before we went

Tickets, i thought were a bit too pricy. I mean £30 for an adult, without previous bookings online is too much for what you get from it. Yeah, you do get to see the amazing wax figures and pose with your favourites but there are still some which you have to pay for a picture with cough One Direction cough. If you were going with kids, by the time you paid in, got a drink, maybe a snack and aid for some photos and souvenirs it could cost at least £150 at least. We paid £87 for our two tickets, a picture with One Direction, two Diet Cokes and a bundle with a photo,keyring and magnet. 

The wax figures were pretty spectacular, although I didn’t specifically fan girl like a lot of people there..they’re not real people! We avoided the Chamber of Horrors as I wouldn’t last two second sin there..not even with the wax figures never mind the live actors.It would scare the living daylights out of m. I told my boyfriend he could go on in, by all means and he decided to stick with me instead, true love for ya.

We got to watch a 4D Avengers mini movie at the end and that was cool. The chairs vibrate, the 3D effects were spectacular and you also had smoke in the room and water splashed on you. They fit a lot of the effects in the short space of time which was nice but I don’t think I’d like to see a whole movie in 4D.

Here are some of our pictures from the day!




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  1. Yeaahhh Jim Carreyyy!! ❤

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