The Making of Harry Potter

This will be  picture heavy post!

I’ve been excited to write this post. I just really adore Harry Potter, the books got me through hard times and sad times and have been a huge part of my life since I was younger. I re-read the series about once a year, I just feel like too much time has passed since then. They’ve been the only series that have really changed my life. I know that sounds daft, but going to visit all the original props, see the clothes, where the magic was made was probably one of the best days of my life so far.

So we had some difficulty with the tickets, but when that hiccup was gone we decided to go for the Adult Package which was £39.95 or along those lines and you got your entry, a souvenir guidebook and a digital guide, voiced by Tom Felton. We actually never used the digital guides as we were like two kids in a candy shop.

The magic started before we even got in the door with the huge wizards chess pieces and I had tears in my eyes. Talk about weirdo! I almost cried a dozen times and I don’t know why…possibly out of joy. I’m not going to say too much, just share some photos with you guys.

I loved seeing everything, I was annoyed you couldn’t touch anything, but hey – that’s just life. It makes sense but I didn’t see how on the day. We spent a lot of time there and my camera died before we reached Diagon Alley so my boyfriends phone had to do, I didn’t mind because it had a great camera.

If you asked me, I couldn’t choose what I liked the most,because I love all aspects of the series. One that stood out more than the rest was the model of the castle. When we walked through the doors and I first saw it my mouth dropped and I had tears in my eyes – again I know? I could have stayed there all day, it felt like home. Walking through Diagon Alley and seeing Privet Drive and stuff was also amazing.

We did make some purchases in the shop. I bought the Marauders Map, two chocolate frogs and a Honeydukes bar of chocolate. If  had more space in m suitcase I could have easily bought the lot. I got a gift from my boyfriend whilst there too – a Time Turner. I’ve wanted one for quite a long time but I never came across a good one and this one was beautiful. I’m so grateful and it’s up on my shelf with all my other memorbilia.

It all felt quite surreal to me – as if I was walking around in a blur. I most definitely want to return – with an empty suitcase this time! I really recommend it to anyone considering going.

So now, you can have a peek of the magic we enjoyed!

DSCN0167DSCN0169DSCN0172DSCN0175DSCN0193 DSCN0184 DSCN0197DSCN0214DSCN0221 DSCN0226







4 responses

  1. That would be so fun to see! I love Harry Potter!!!

    1. It’s just so amazing, I have so many photos but the first few to catch my eye went up. It’s so worth a visit!

  2. Did all the cast have their hands in clay?

    1. I think it was just Daniel, Emma and Rupert as you went through the front doors. I didn’t see any others after that!

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