London Haul

So, whilst across the pond I done a wee bit of shopping. I didn’t buy much, which surprised me, but I was glad I didn’t go overboard. Full reviews on each product will be coming soon!

To start me off is the Almond Body Butter from The Body Shop.

We were walking past the Body Shop and I got a huge whiff of this, which was at the door. It smells amazing, good enough to eat! It was on sale for £5 so I had to get it. It has a nice thick consistency and I’m looking forward to using it.



Because I’ve adored my mini sized It’s Potent from Benefit when I saw a Benefit hop I knew I had to pay a visit. I bought the full sized tub, which will last me ages, I already know because I’m still not done the mini one and I’ve used it twice daily since Christmas. I love the light texture, how it soaks in really well and how it brightens up my eyes and helps so well with my dark circles.


In Dublin Airport we paid a visit to the only Victoria’s Secret in Ireland and I was overwhelmed and in love with all of the scents! In the end I went with the Forever Pink* fragrance mist which boasts “pink tuberose & pear ” It smells so amazing and I’m looking into more scents online! It smells so freaking good and it’s alight scent so it’s not too strong either.



Also from Benefit I got a Gift with Purchase and I chose this big make-up/travel bag. I love it and have my everyday make-up stored inside.



Next from Benefit I got the Luv It Up set which was £13 on sale! I knew I wanted it at that. It has 3 powder shadows, a cream shadow and a lipgloss. Also it comes with a set of hints. The eyeshadows are Nude Swings, Call My Bluff, Thanks a Latte and R.S.V.P. The lipgloss is their Dandelion lipgloss.





The last product from Benefit is the new The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Powder which I’ve heard good things about so I’m excited to try it. It comes with a mini brush attached which is so handy!



In the M&M’s Shop other than chocolate, i bought a set of 3 Milk Chocolate Lipsmackers. They smell just like M&M’s and they’re gorgeous. I’m addicted to mine already! I gave one to my boyfriends sister, because 3 may have been a bit much!



Another product I bought from Dublin Airport was from M.A.C and it’s their Creme Cup Lipstick. I’ve been admiring this shade for a long time, and it’s a bit cheaper in the airport so I didn’t mind waiting. t’s a beautiful pink colour which will go with everything I think! I’ve loved it so far.




Another M.A.C  product I got while away was their Tan Pigment*. Now, I’ve also wanted this, and I know it’s stupid but I always forgot the name when I went to bu it. I had it written down and I got this as a gift from my boyfriend. Its so beautiful to use but it can be messy!



While pooching around Illamasqua I decided I wanted to try one of their cream blushes. The store attendant picked a shade that suited me ad we tried it out. I fell in love with how natural it looked and how easy it blended out. It was pricy at £18 but you need to splurge on holidays. I got the shade Peaked. It looks a lot darker in the pictures though.



So that is pretty much it from my London Haul. More posts from the holidays will be making there way up, starting tomorrow with The Making of Harry Potter. 

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next post!




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