TAG: Search Engine Strangeness – (How People Have Found My Blog)

I got tagged my the lovely Brittany over at thebeautydeputy which you should all check out because her blog is amazing! Basically this tag is to see what sort of searches people make that ultimately end up with them looking at your blog. Now, I don’t think Ill have very many as I’m still quite new to this, but I’ll give it a go anyway. It’s my first time being tagged in a post and I got a bit too excited..So we’re going to go through categories and see what has you wonderful people on here!

The Normal Ones:

  • My most common searched term is products I’ve used up which I find okay because I do a lot of those posts anyway.Its a very normal post for bloggers to do, especially if you’re like me and use up a tonne of products!
  • The next common, surprisingly is the mortal instruments books in reading order I did so a post about the series but I didn’t even think many people would look at it but there we have it!
  • Other common ones are day make up & lush

The Cute Ones:

  • There aren’t actually very many cute ones. There’s one that could be classes as cute and that’s quotes on perfection which would be from my Quote of the Day posts!

The Strange Ones:

  • does american cream conditioner smell like strawberries Umm I don’t know? Not to me anyway! That’s such a random thing to search! I wasn’t so impressed whoever is searching this!
  • lied about baking muffins I did bake muffins! Maybe I lied? I don’t know but I did do two muffins posts so that’s what bought them here!

The “What are people thinking ones?”:

  • I can’t get to my unknown search items section and I want to so badly!I would love to see the wacky ones that were there!

As you can see I’m quite a boring person. Maybe when I post more I’ll redo it and see what we get then!

Let em see if anyone else has a much more interesting post than mine and comment with it! I’d love to see what you guys got!

Anywhoo I’ll nominate:

Thanks for sticking around. ‘Til next post!






3 responses

  1. Aww I’m glad that you got your first tag! I love tags because they’re so much fun! 🙂 I even have a section on my blog menu dedicated for tags!

    1. I was like a child..so excited!

  2. […] that people used to reach my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Also, this tag was found from Sarah Casey’s blog, and she is amazing. So go follow […]

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