Red Me The News

Hallelujah I found a nail polish that stayed on my nails for over 24 hours! I was going to buy the Rimmel one that had the gel like effect but my eyes were drawn to the NYC stand yesterday. I decided Id try it because I wasn’t very optimistic about the polish staying on and their polishes are only €1.99. That is such amazing value and I am so impressed.

I got a dark, shimmery red which is titled the same as the post, shade 261 Red Me The News. I wanted a darker colour just to match more things. First I buffed my nails and then wiped over them with nail polish remover to remove the oils. I then applied a thin coat of the colour. I find using a base coat it comes off pretty much after it dries and it drives me crazy. I then applied a second coat just to give the colour a bit more depth.

I am so impressed. It’s consistency is great,it doesn’t take long to dry and after 24 hours plus there is no chips. I really need to get more of these polishes. They go on so smooth it’s crazy. I then used a topcoat from Seventeen.

You can see the photos below and the last one was one I took a few minutes ago over 24 hours later! One of my nails broke a bit, it’s not chipped colour if anyone notices.







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