Heel Genius Review *

Yet again, another product received in my Yule Monty Gift Set. I swear it was one of if not the best bath set I have ever received. I do get patches of dry, rough skin on my feet, which I hate, but nothing seems to get rid of them. I’ve been using the Heel Genius*  since Christmas and I’m happy with how it’s made progress with my dry skin.


Again, it’s a full sized tube which is good. I know it will last me quite a bit of time, because sometimes at night I forget to put it on,whoops! It’s pink which just screams Soap & Glory to me. It doesn’t squirt out too quickly out of the tube so you never really are left with any waste product after you’ve done your feet. And it’s blue! The cream is a light blue colour which surprised me but now I just think it’s so cool! 

It gives a nice wee description on the back of the bottle just telling you that you shouldn’t have to be afraid of your own feet, they should be soft and smooth and even nice to look at. Their instructions? To rub a generous layer onto clean feet each night,or when you remember to and wear cotton socks to allow it to absorb into the feet.


I love this product. I love the scent,it’s not the Original Pink scent but it is amazing. My feet are left silky and I have seen an improvement in the condition of them.

You can get this product at Boots and it costs 7.75 EURO for a full sized bottle which I think is a reasonable price.

I’ve done the application for you guys. In the pictures below you can see me squirting a bit onto my foot. I usually rub it in my hands first, but this way was easier. Then you can see my leopard print socks, and me with them on.




Thanks for reading! ‘Til next post,



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