Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter & Body Wash Review*

So good morning to all my fellow sleepy heads,attempting to type up something before work.I’m tucked in bed with tea to try to help, slowly we’ll wake up! 

Today I’m going to review Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter and Wash *  for you guys, which really is two reviews in one!

Boots Mango Extracts Body Butter*:

I absolutely fell in love with this when I got a smaller pot for my birthday! I used it daily and sadly I had to let it go before Christmas. I was lucky that Santa actually brought me a bigger set, with the body wash, butter and a sugar scrub. I haven’t used the sugar scrub enough to review it but I’m happy to do these two. 

This is one of the nicest body butters. The scent is just gorgeous, it feels so fresh. I find that perfect for the Winter months where you feel quite dull and crappy.I goes onto your skin lovely and you are so freaking soft afterwards like holy crap. It’s 11 Euro for this size tub in Boots which I wouldn’t mind paying whatsoever.

It’s fairtrade too, which is great because at least I know the people who grew the plants of whatever to go into the products are getting paid enough money.

I couldn’t reccomend this enough to everyone.




Boots Extracts Mango Body Wash*:

This is just as fantastic as their body butter. I adore it. A little goes a long way as it lathers up so well. I use it with a loofah and it gets extra foamy.

The scent is just as perfect as the body butter. It smells as if you’ve just mashed mangoes in your bathroom. Your enveloped in it, but not in an overwhelming way. Your skin is left so soft afterwards and smelling like a fruit basket.

I think it’s the perfect consistency too, unlike some other washes that are so liquid-y they slide off your skin. It’s thick enough to make a great lather and stay on your skin. 

Its so refreshing to use in the morning, or after you’ve had a crappy day in the shower.

For the same sized bottle in Boots is very reasonable at 6.25 Euro. I will definitely buy this again for myself.




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