Relax & Unwind With Me..

So I had a crappy day yesterday, I felt horrible and sick and I just needed time to myself. I had a rare bedroom to myself which I was so grateful for. I didn’t exactly pamper myself, I just took my time with the usual routine I have, with a face mask thrown in. It was more to have space for me, where no one was there.

It started after Paraic left. He bought me the extended version of the first hobbit movie! That’s a whole 9 hours of extra footage, it really made my day.


This is me about to wash my face. I apologise for the bad quality.


I gathered the products I was going to use to wash my face. To take off my make-up, I used L’OREAL 15Second Miracle Cleansing Oil.I rubbed it all over my face and rinsed with warm water. I went straight into washing my face with Soap & Glory’s Peaches & Clean*. I lathered it onto my face and neck and rinsed it off. Just like a normal face wash. It smells so good too! I then scrubbed my face with Ocean Salt from LUSH. I done this because my face has been FREAKING out this week. Then I used my Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser from Simple, because my pores are huge. You can see the products I used below, and my nice clean face.



After that was done, I used Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH. This is such a refreshing, relaxing, amazing face mask. Wile this was on, and working it’s magic on my face, I sat on my bed and looked at Anna SacconeJoly’s Instagram. I am addicted to the SacconeJoly’s lately so it wasn’t surprising I spent the whole15 minutes on her page. EVERYONE needs to watch their videos, you will fall in love with their daughter Emilia, I promise.




Then, I toned my face with my No.7 Gentle Toner I done this with a cotton pad, nothing extravagant here. I moisturised using my Johnsons Night Fluid and used Benefits It’s Potent* eye cream under my eyes. This was the extent of my face regime for tonight.


Then I took a hairbrush to my crazy hair, and tied it up into a bun because why not? Then I used The a Righteous Butter* which I’ve raved about recently and love so much. I also used Heel Genius* and out on my cuddly fluffy socks and also Hand Food. I am like a walking advertisement for Soap & Glory. After I was all moisturised and feeling a bit better, I but on my pyjamas. I chose my green, pink and white checkered bottoms, which have pockets and that’s so cool! I also wore a baggy, long sleeved pink top to match. I got them both in Tesco because I have lots of class.




Then I didn’t do much, I made a mug of tea and then sat cuddled up on my bed with my teddy who is called Tyler in case you cared.. I read some Green Lantern comics and fell asleep at around 11 O’Clock.


Thanks for reading this extremely long post! ‘Til next time..



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