A few more empties..

I only done a post like this recently but they’ve gathered quite quickly.. I got loads of goodies for Christmas and needed to make space so I had to throw these away.

okay the Kleenex facial Tissues were nice. The were soft and lovely to use. Hey didn’t particularly soak up products as well as cotton pads but that was okay.
Next, Batistes original formula dry shampoo. This is a regular in my empties posts I quite adore this product.
Garniers bamboo flexible hairspray is my all time favourite hairspray I don’t use anything different.
Vaseline active fresh roll on deodorant, it’s not that exciting!
a Boots mango extracts shower gel I love this and Santy brought me the big huge set, I’m a very happy lady.
a doves intensive repair conditioner another love, I’ll need another tub soon!
Srepsils plus throat spray again, nothing exciting. I always get sore throats 😦
Finally the Leo Bancroft Radiant blonde shampoo and conditioner I wouldn’t repurchase is stuff smells so bad. But I used it all up.



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