Get ready for work with me.., Kind of!

Okay my posting has been horrible again but with working and trying to think of what to blog about it has just been hard. On my days off I just want to laze about, plus I’ve a cold and I just haven’t the humour for anything. I started documenting this post yesterday whilst feeling completely crappy so I’m missing bits and pieces but sure that’s okay.

Let’s start the day with this horrendous picture of how I looked and felt yesterday morning when I woke up and finally dragged myself out of bed.


So I hopped into the shower hoping to wake myself up and clear my blocked sinuses. It didn’t have as much of a refreshing feeling as I’d hoped and I still felt quite bunged up. I looked a tad but more awake though. These are things I used in the shower and afterwards.





I then relocated to the kitchen where I made myself a cup of tea because I always have one while I’m getting ready to go anywhere. It’s just turned into a habit now. I used my adorable Daisy Duck mug from the Disney Store as it hold a load of tea.


When my moisturiser on my face had soaked in, it was time to do my make up for the day. I needed full coverage, bright eyes and fresh flushed cheeks to try and make me appear a wee bit more perky than I felt. I used the usual make up that I love, swapping from my a Revlon Colorstay for a change. I done a glittery golden smoky eye. I thought that was quite festive. By the time it came to doing my lipstick I still was unsure as to what I wanted, so my lips are plain the whole way through.




Then I got dressed and forgot to take a picture, whoops! But I was wearing a black glittery wooly jumper with a black shirt from H&M, black tights and black biker boots. See, for work we have to wear black, but tomorrow I think I’ll wear my normal Christmas jumper as everyone else seems to be.

I didn’t do anything to my hair, not even brush it! It dried in nice waves and wasn’t one bit tangled so I left it be.

Then TA-DA! I decided to use RiRi Woo by Mac on my lips as it’s quite a festive colour and has great lasting power. I also attempted nail art on my nails using bobby pins because I am that classy. I added a Santy hat then I was just a cheerful sales person for the rest of the day.



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