My New You Tube Obsession


I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube in the mornings when I’ve been lying in bed, great habit, I know. I started following the lives of the SacconeJoly family and I just adore their videos. Take a peek:

So about the SACCONEJOLYs, they’re a family  of Irish volggers. They are Jofee, Anna and they’re out of this world adorable daughter Emelia. They also have 6 dogs and you can see their names in the image up above. They upload a new video everyday at 6 pm GMT and I’ve recently been so excited to follow their lives with a hot cup of tea in bed. They are so honest in their videos and I fid it really sweet they’re shaing their lives with everyone around the world.


The first video I watched was of the birth of Emelia and you can see that here : . It was so emotional I almost cried. Like what? I watched a lot since then. You can see their proposal, wedding, and every other main event that happens in their lives. They are so funny I always find myself giggling while watching videos. 


Anna also has er own YouTube channel which I’ve been watching a lot too. You can follow her pregnancy, get tips on what to bring to the hospital, food to eat and even how to look good during labour. She also does beauty and style videos. 


I think they are an amazing family and I really recommend following their videos!


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