Gift Idea : Beauticology Trio in a Tin *


Excuse my cheesy frame, I thought because it was so close to Christmas and it’s a really cute Christmas tin it suited. Oh I’m so jolly.

My boyfriend bought me is when we were in Belfast, I was I two minds about buying it so he did. I was on sale for £4.99 which was a bargain. You can get it in Boots for €10 down in the Republic of Ireland, and it has a different tin. I fell in love with the tin when I first saw it. Can we just take a second to appreciate how freaking cute it is? It would be such a cute gift to give to anybody of any age, I think so!

When you open it, there’s three Christmassy products. We’ll duh hence the name. You get a Vanilla Frosting Hand and body lotion, a Chocolate Chip Shower Creme and a Gingerbread man soap.

Vanilla Frosting Hand and Body Lotion


This just smells so freaking good. Its heavenly. It’s light and absorbs quickly into your skin. I used it on my hands and they were so soft afterwards. It reminds me of cake, and my slight addiction to eating the icing out of the tub. I’m disgusting I know. It’s not an overwhelming scent either, so it’s subtle enough to use multiple times throughout the day on your hands. Or as a moisturiser whichever way you choose to use it.

Chocolate Chip Shower Creme


It’s a Metallicy brown colour, which is kind of strange but it suits since it’s chocolate. Now, I am a chocoholic so, when I saw this was a chocolate scented shower Creme I was all over it. This smells so so so good. And actually like chocolate, not like some other products that state they’re chocolate scented. I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t know how well it lathers or whatever but I am so excited to use it. Chocoholics will LOVE this.

Gingerbread Man Soap


Tell me you would use this and I think you’d be lying. Look how adorable it is. This is going to look so festive in my bathroom. I just don’t want anyone to use it. It’s soap I know but it’s too cute to be used. It’s quite big for a bar of soap, so I could imagine it being a little but awkward to use. That’s just me though. There’s not a strong scent of this product but you can distinctly get the scent of gingerbread and it’s so festive.


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