Christmas Crafts : Cinnamon Swirls Mini Muffins

With my new found time off I decided to do some baking. I associate cinnamon wholly with Autmn/Winter and it’s my favourite scent so it was no wonder why I was so quick to chose this recipe. It’s for normal sized muffins, but I made mini ones as I had the cases at home. You can make these for your family or as gifts in a cut muffin box.

– 250g self raising flour.
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-Pinch of salt
-110g caster sugar
-1 egg
-225ml milk
-85g butter
-2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
-75g light brown sugar



– Preheat the oven to 190 degrees C. Grease your muffin tin, or use muffin cases. I laid my mini muffin cases onto a flat baking tray because I didn’t have a mini muffin tray.

– To make the cinnamon sugar you mix the ground cinnamon and the light brown
sugar in a bowl. Sit that aside when it is mixed.both is is what it will look like.


-For the muffins, mix the flour, baking powder, caster sugar in a large bowl. It should look like this too.


– Next, in a separate bowl or jug, mix the egg, milk and melted butter. I put the butter in the microwave for twenty seconds, mixed it and then another twenty seconds and it was ready.


-Add the wet ingrediants to the dry, all at once and mix briefly until combined.



-I put a half to a whole teaspoon of batter into my mini muffin case, for regular sized muffins you use a whole tablespoon. Sprinkle a layer of cinnamon sugar and add another layer. If you’re doing regular sized muffins you could repeat that step again. I also sprinkled some of the cinnamon sugar on top before I baked the muffins. Try and layer them as evenly as possible. I added a wee bit too much and some of my muffins went all sideways and deformed but it was okay because they tasted fantastic.


-Bake for 18-20 minutes or until golden and risen. Leave to cool in the tray and after 10 minutes transfer to a wire tray. The sugar mixture is going to still be hot so don’t be tempted to taste them early! These are delicious both warm and cold and can also be frozen for future use.

-I finished by sprinkling more cinnamon sugar on top, yummy!



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