Johnson’s Oil Balancing Day & Night Fluid Review

Well that’s a mouthful! I’ve swapped my daily moisturiser to the Johnson’s Oil Balancing Light Fluid and I love it.

It’s for oily to combination skin, so as soon as I saw that on the packaging I was like, Uum yes! So there’s one for the day, and the night. That means your face is getting the same moisture both times of the day. I’ve noticed my face being significantly less oily than last week, which I am incredibly happy about. And less oil means less spots so it’s a win win for me.

They are super light, your face doesn’t feel weighed down with product at all. You just take a bit and rub it in circular motions over your face and neck and leave it to soak in. It feels refreshing on the skin. Your skin is left moisturised, soft and smooth to touch afterwards.

I know that personally I never used moisturiser during the night because I use Duac, and acne medication on my face at nighttime. I’m trying to get to that place where my skin can survive without it, but unfortunately I’m not there yet. Now, I use the night fluid in my face over an hour or so before I go to bed, I let it sink in completely and then I apply my Duac. Duac has to be applied to clean skin, but with it being so windy and cold my face would have been as dry as a bag of bones so no thank you.

Also, if you have really oily skin you don’t want to apply moisturiser because it makes your skin feel greasy and horrible. And them your face looks like a Mess. But this stuff is FANTASTIC. It’s not greasy on your face at all after application.

The packaging is fine for me, it doesn’t squirt out to fast or too much for he day fluid. The night fluid is a wee jar so you just take as much as you want from that. I like the way the two are packaged differently, it makes pulling it out to use easier because you’re not worried about taking out the wrong one though I don’t think that would matter.




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