The Christmas Tag

I’ve been creeping around, ’cause I have a life… I saw the Christmas tag over on a fellow blog, which you can look at here . I love looking at her blog so you guys should check her out too!

Anyways I think Ill just dive right in….

1:Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or a Synthetic one?

We’ve always had a synthetic one in our house. I like the smell of a real tree, sometimes they look to bare for my liking.

2: You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December, what do you choose?

Hot chocolate, hands down! I love white hot chocolate with cinnamon.

3: What’s your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?

I love red and gold. I’m pretty sure that’s the way we have it each year, wow look at my fantastic memory. I like cute wooden decorations.

4: Giving or Receiving?

Everyone likes getting presents, I like giving them though. I love the smile on other peoples faces when they open presents.

5: To mince pie, or not to?

Ugh no.

6: What’s your traditional Sunday lunch?

Okay for Christmas dinner you know turkey, ham, veggies, gravy yum yum yum.

7: Christmas Day fashion?

I usually just wear my pyjamas. I love being cuddly and comfy.

8: What’s your favourite Christmas song?

I love loads of Christmas songs. I love Home This Christmas by Justin Bieber with the Band Perry.

9: What’s your favourite Christmas movie

I love the Santa Claus movie. The first one is the best.

10: Open presents before or after lunch?

As soon as you wake up, duh!!!!


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