I Need Your Help!

Has anyone ever been to or live in Belfast? Myself and my boyfriend were thinking of going up there for. A nice little weekend away. And I am DYING to go to the Christmas Market too.. I was just wondering if anyone tried any nice restaurants around the area? Somewhere nice to eat. We always go to restraints like TGIs but I wanted to try somewhere different. Thanks guys!


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  1. dolls house blog | Reply

    I am from Belfast!! There are some amazing restaurants – there is a place called St Anne’s square and it has a few different restaurants there, Coppi is one of my favourite, they also have Zen & The Potted Hen. Just around the corner there is a really quirky restaurant called Made in Belfast that’s great too. The Cathedral Quarter has a few nice restaurants too – 21 Social, 2 Taps, The Cloth Ear. Most of these places have websites so you can check out their menus before you book.
    The Christmas market is great, they have so many food stalls and of course the beer tent!!
    If I think of anymore places I will let you know, and if you have anymore questions let me know if I can help!!

    1. Wow thank you so much that’s really helpful! You’re so good 🙂 I’m gonna check these guys out, are they easy enough to get to :)?

      1. dolls house blog

        Yes they are just a short walk from the city hall, no more that about 10 minutes. If you need any more help or info let me know!

      2. Okay and here’s me being annoying – should I change my money over before I come or do you think the rates sure better by using debit cards?

      3. dolls house blog

        I think that it would be handy to have some cash, but I think you would be better to use your debit card, most shops etc give good rates, and you don’t want to be left with loads of cash to change back over.

      4. That a so helpful thank you! My mind gas been racked trying to think of how to do it..

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