Christmas Crafts #1 Christmassy Desk Tidy or Make Up Brush Holder

I decided to do some Christmas Crafts posts during December because myself and my little brother always do craft projects coming up to each holiday. Today’s project I went solo. And it is a Christmassy Desk Tidy. It was super easy to make, it did take a while, but that was literally waiting for paint to dry. I found it fun and I was singing along to too!The characters I chose to do were : a present, a tree, a snow mans head and a penguin. You can do whatever Christmassy/ Wintery things that you like.

I used all recycled materials for the main frame which were toilet roll tubes, a moisturiser box and a tissues box. I used a mixture of acrylic and poster paints, not for any particular reason we just have both in the house. I also used colored paper, ribbon, sequins, pipe cleaners, double sided sticky tape, a glue stick, a scissors and paintbrushes.

You can see images of what I used, how some parts were done and the finished project all down below.

I began by cutting the bottom of the tissues box off and glueing the two sides of it flat onto the bottom to make it a little bit thicker. Then, I used a white piece of card and glued it on too, just to make the base smooth. The first “tidy” I made was a present. I used a Johnson’s night moisturiser box, double sided sticky tape, red paper, ribbon and a small bit of glue to make this. Firstly, I cut off any of the box I didn’t need, I kept the two small flaps that fold into the box, this was to be able to glue it onto our base. Next, I covered one side with some double sided sticky tape. I cut out red paper to fit the side, also including the inside of the box. This part was fiddle but after the first one it gets easier. When the whole box was covered, I glue on a piece of ribbon to each of the four sides of the box and made a bow for the front. This could hold small items like a parer or rubber. It could hold make up sponges or parers too.

Then, I painted two of the tubes, one White and one green. I worked on these “tidies” simultaneously because I worked on one as the others paint dried. So the green dried the quickest. I transformed this into a Christmas tree. I cut a star from yellow paper, covered it with glue and gold glitter and set it aside to dry. While that was drying I glued sequins to the tube and twisted a red pipe cleaner around it to make it look like tinsel. When the star was dry, I glued it on and the Christmas tree was ready. Then I realised I had no way of sticking it down. I was like, freaking out! I came up with a solution, I cut a piece of coloured paper, stuck it inside the tube then folded it into a right angle and stuck that piece onto our base.

Then I moved onto the tube I painted white. This will turn into a penguin. You just have to paint most of it black, leaving some white for its belly. Then wait for that to dry unfortunately. I then painted on his orange beak, a green dickie bow because I thought it was cute and his eyes got painted last, and I messed them up a little bit but I think they still looked okay.i also added the paper to it as before, then stuck it down.

And finally the snowmans head I made by cutting a tube in half, but rounded, not straight across. I painted it white. And added the paper as before to let it stick to the base. Then I just used paint to add his buttons, nose and eyes. Sorry snowman but your head is being used to store things in, you don’t get a hat! This part was the easiest.

When everything was secure, I painted around the “tidies” red to make it look a bit neater and then I was finished. I am happy with the finished item, I had no clue when I started out because I didn’t even know what I was making!







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