Christmas Gift Guide #2

So yesterday I put up a post about younger girls, so here’s a guide to us older girls. I’m not going to divide it into prices today, because there are just so many amazing gifts, with different price ranges making them affordable for all.

So the first selection I’ve picked out is make up and body. It’s across the board really, I picked them mainly from and


#1 From boots, is the Soap and Glory I’m your Manicure set. This is a great little set for 18.00. It includes : Hand Cream, Hand Smoothing Scrub, Gloves, Nail Buffer, Nail Polish and a Cuticle Stick.

#2 Also from boots, is the Soap and Glory The Yule Monty this is pricy at 77.50 but what I would give to get this as a gift this Christmas! It has full sized products of a bunch of Soap and Glory stuff and just looks amazing!

#3 From boots is the Benefit Little Love Potions set, this would be a great gift to get for someone who wants to test all the products (pick me, pick me!) at 39.50 it is a great way to do so too!

#4 From boots also, this is the Fearne Compact and Bijoux Mirror which is a steal at 10.00 and id absolutely adorable.

#5 From Debenhams is Philosophy’s the Cookie Exchange gift set and can we just take a minute t appreciate how cute the packaging is on this set? Its 27.90 and has three full sized products in it to try, and also looks like it would smell delicious!

#6 Also debenhams is the Naked 2 palette and I think every girl should have their own Naked Palette it is seriously my most used make up item and I adore it. Colours for both day and night and it’s just so worth the price which is 44 Euro.

and finally for make up and body #7 is Urban Decay’s Lip Junkie lip gloss. You get a free mini one with the Naked 2 palette and it has the nicest texture of any lipgloss I’ve ever tried.At 18.50 it’s well worth your money.

Okay next I decided I’d do accecories and I had about a bajillion things I loved while looking for what to show you and I narrowed it down to 3 things you can’t go wrong with. A handbag, a purse and a camera case. The handbag is from Debenhams and the purse and camera case is from

So #1 the Oriental Camera case is 10 GBP and is just so adorable.

The Purse is the Abbey Contrast Block Long Wallet and is 17 Pounds and fabulous. It just looks so classy, I love it. 

Finally the handbag is the Mantaray Tan fleece trimmed tote bag at 60.00 from Debnhams and I feel it would match every outfit you wanted to wear it with and is good value.




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