Christmas Guide #1

So I decided to do a wee gift guide because it’s so close to Christmas and believe you me, these can come in handy. Today I’m going to do a post on teenage girls up to around 15, ’cause they can be hard to shop for. They mightn’t be in to make up or anything just yet. I also decided to it up to 15 Euro for the young girls cause there is a HUGE range of great gifts that won’t break the bank out there.

Okay I’ll start with gifts for Under 10 Euro: 

These will be handy if you wanted to get them something nice, without breaking the bank. So the products I picked for this section are from and I also have a gift from 

So starting with #1: This is the Pretty Patisserie French Fancy facecloth from boots and it is just adorable. It’s only 4.50 too!

#2: Is the Cute or What Penny the Owl Coin Purse, also from boots. I don’t get everyone has been so obsessed with owl inspired this lately but this one is just the cutest. Swooping in at 6.50 you can’t go wrong.

#3: This necklace is from Claires and it’s a heart and infinity sign and I love it. It’s silver and already boxed so at 6.99 GBP it’s not breaking the bank.

#4: Last;y for under Ten Euro we have the Cute or What Wash Duo Set from Boots retailing at 7.50 this is so adorable and could be put with #1 for a cute present. 

10 to 15 Euro:

#1 Again from boots, its the Cute or What the Fox washbag, everyone loves foxes these days too and this set is adorable! Ant young girl would like this. The asking price? Only 15 Euro!

#2 How about some cuddly pyjamas from Penneys, starting at 10 Euro they’re sure to warm you up.

#3 Again from Boots it’s the Royal College Hall Brush Set for young make up beginners, it’s a cute set with the main brushes you need, at 13Euro they’re a steal!

#4 Be Enchanted Starlight Shadows Colour Palette, This has blush, lip, and eye products and it opens out like a book, it has everyday wearable colours so why not? The price is 15Euro.





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