Garnier Simple Essentials Eye Make Up Remover Review.

I bought the Garnier Essentails eye make up remover because my Maybelline Rocket Volum mascara never got fully cleaned off my face, even after make up remover, a face wipe, a cleanser and washing y face I still had panda eyes and let me tell you this was not a good look.Β 

The bottle is small enough in size, though if you’re using it once a day it should last you just fine. The packaging is good, it doesn’t come out of the bottle too quickly which is a benefit and will make the product last longer. It’s a soothing eye make up remover and with no alcohol, perfume or colourants , it’s perfect for even the most sensitive of skin, especially great for around the eye area this time of year, you don’t want your skin to be dried out/sore/red from your make up remover, the weather might do that for you already!

I use LOREAL’s Micellar solution to take off all my face make up and eye shadow/liner if any comes off with it. I then apply a small amount of the eye make up remover to a cotton pad ( in the picture my cotton pad is drenched, I squeezed the bottle too hard, woops! ) I just rub it across my lashes and lids then. I don’t press down hard, just gently. And maybe a little harder it the mascara is being extra stubborn ( It was last night so there is still a teeny bit on my eyes – thank goodness it came off in the shower! )

I find it is very gentle on my eyes, the skin around them doesn’t sting when I’m using it. It removes my eye make up well, even my mascara, which I am delighted about.Β 

I would most definitely recommend this product to other people.





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