Beauty and Clothes Haul

So, I went into Dublin City with my little brother yesterday, I bought a few tops in Penney’s just to layer up for Winter.I also bought a Justice League tee, but hello, where’s Wonder Woman? And a glittery pink hat. The long sleeves ( grey & black) were 6 Euro each, the burgundy one was 10 Euro, the Justice League tee was 8 Euro and my glittery pink hat was 3 Euro. I also got a knitted jumper from No-Name on sale for 5 Euro.


As for beauty, there’s nothing particularly exciting about the stuff I bought, but I said I’ll share anyway!

So I’ll start with hair products:

I bought Batiste’s Original formula dry shampoo because I prefer this to any of the fruitier scented dry shampoos. It’s handy because my roots get greasy quickly ( it’s quite irritating but oh well).

I changed my heat protector this time, I decided to try Guardian Angel by Schwarzkopf. I decided to get this one because ,MissGlamorazzi said she loved it and it was on sale, so why not?

And finally I bought Aussie’s Mega Shampoo, because it can be used daily without build up and that’s exactly what I need! Ad Aussie smells just so good.



For face, there are some products. Firstly I bought a toner tab from LUSH I have never used one of these so from what I’ve been told you put it in a bowl of steaming water and basically use it to steam your face. I bought the Tea Tree Tab so I’m excited to try it.

I bought Garnier Simple Essentials eye make up remover because NOTHING was removing my mascara, at all. This is supposed to be gentle on the eyes, hallelujah cause my eyes have been just scrubbed trying to get my mascara off. I love the Garnier Simple Essentials toner and this eye make up remover does remove my mascara so I am happy!

I got a bottle of Pharmacy Brand Witch hazel in my bag from the pharmacy when I was picking up my acne cream and I was like “Um is this a hint?” I need to look u what you do with this stuff, I guess you use it as a toner so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Finally I bought Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in the shade 100 Ivory because they had no Revlon Colourstay to match my shade in boots. This foundation is great, it is medium/full coverage, covers blemishes, most of my dark circles under my eyes, goes on smoothly, blends well and stays on for most of the day. Yesterday I got around 11 hours out of it before I took it off.




And last of all two random, but necessary items. Some Listerine Antibacterial mouthwash in Cool Citrus ( yum, some think it’s gross but I like it better than mint) and some Vaseline Active Fresh roll on antiperspirant. 



Happy Sunday guys!




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