Sleek Eyebrow Kit


So, I never really realised how patchy my eyebrows looked when filled in with pencil ( I obviously wasn’t doing it right ) and I was in the pharmacy and saw this on the Sleek stand and bought it to try. I don’t particularly care if my eyebrows are filled in if I’m just relaxing at home or at my boyfriends house or whatever, but I feel that when I gave other make up on too, my eyebrows just look really light. I only really ‘colour’ them in for the colour, to make them a little bit darker, but not much! 

I bought the shade light and it comes with a wax for ‘lining’ your eyebrows and keeping everything in check, and a powder to fill in.You get a slanted wax brush, a powder brush and a tweezer for getting those wee stray hairs. I dropped my wax brush the other day and I cannot find it anywhere, it must have just disappeared, so I’ll have to buy a new one, but your eyebrows look fine even without the wax. I don’t find the tweezers very good as they don’t seem to grip the small hairs as much as I’d like, then the small hairs break in half and I’m left with little teensy hairs and this irritates me a lot!

As the weather was horrendous here yesterday, I couldn’t get a good picture of the product on my eyebrows, but as I was going tot he cinema with my boyfriend ( Thor 2 was AMAZING) I decided to take the picture with my full face of makeup. 

You can see my eyebrows are light and to me, a wee bit patchy but I don’t really mind! And below that my eyebrows filled in and my makeup, excuse the face mask on my t-shirt I only noticed this now!  And also below that, other products I used on my face!








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