Ocean Salt Review


Another LUSH product, please go on about something else. Sorry guys, I’m a lushie!

So Ocean Salt is a face scrub. It comes as you see it in the open tub above and you mix it all together to make the ingredients blend. In it there is  vodka soaked limes, sea salt, fresh grapefruit infusion and lime essential oils. This scrub is fantastic for my oily/combination skin and is, by far, my favourite exfoliator for my face.

It’s antiseptic and tightens ,y skin, but yet it leaves it so soft and moisturised. Don’t get any in your mouth though because it tastes as you’d guess, like swallowing a big gulp of sea water, nasty! It smells so refreshing. It’s great for using on your legs before you shave too ( maybe too much information? )

I only bought the 100g tub, I definitely need to go bigger for my third tub though! Give it a go!


2 responses

  1. I have also done a review on this because I LOVE IT!!!! I am a nurse and my skin gets so dry and terrible looking from using the hospital soap, but this works so well on my hands! I have never tried it on my face before.

    1. It feels lovely on my face, I’ve never tried it on dry hands before though, but I will, especially coming into Winter!

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