TV Show Time!

So, its that tie of year when a lot of tv series come back on air, yay! I only began watching a lot of my favourite programmes when I started to date my boyfriend and I’m glad he showed me new and different shows. I have a lot of shows I keep up with, and many start in the Fall. These are my favourite that started so far this year! Sorry for the crappy quality, all the photos I had decided to use look too big so I made a collage!


Revenge :  I love the scandal in Revenge. The storylines are always great, at the beginning of each season they show a midway point and you’re hooked because you want to know what happened, why and who was involved. It’s so easy to get addicted to! The romances are great too. It does keep me on the edge of my seat when watching it because you just don’t know what Emily/Amanda is going to do next!

Big Bang Theory :  I’ve loved this show since it started. It’s nerdy, I’m nerdy. I love the comic side of it and it’s just such an easy show to watch when you’re feeling down. It’s so quirky!

How I Met Your Mother : I only started watching the show this year, I know! I was gutted to find out that this was the last season. As above, its just such a funny show and the storylines are funny. I love Barney he’s hilarious. Ted and Robin annoy me though so…

Grey’s Anatomy :  This is another show I’ve watched for years.I find it addictive and I love the different events that happen in each season ( the big storm at the ed of season 9! ) There’s not much I can say about it really.

Once Upon a Time :  I love all things fantasy and fairy tale-y so this show is right up my street. It has lots of quirky spins on modern fairy tales ( Peter Pan is evil, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk is a girl! )  I love seeing how they twist it. There are some funny moments and some on the edge of your seat ones. Its just great!

The Originals : Newly started the Originals is a sin off from the Vampire Diaries. Klaus I have loved since he came to TVD. They all have such great English accents and I’m excited to see how they make this series.

The Vampire Diaries : Hello Fantasy. I love this show, it always gets me so emotional. Like, I’d cry a lot. I am so attached to these characters and storylines. Its a world I love to live in and the constant Stefan or Damon dilemma is funny.

Supernatural : I’ve saved the best til last. The Winchesters are like my family I love Dean so much.The way he cares for Sam is so great to watch, ad Sam always feels like he’s dissappointing Dean.I’m really attached to this show, I get so emotional during it, angry, sad, you name it. It can be quite jumpy and gorey, to me it is, but its so captivating. The storylines are just phenomenal I think everyone should watch it. 

Just look at Dean’s eyes:



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