Aqua Marina Fresh Facial Cleanser Review

Good morning from a horribly wet and miserable Ireland!


Aqua Marina is a Lush product ( I know, I know but I did say I was addicted to Lush did I not? )




So its for drier, more sensitive skin than mine, but I got another cleanser ( will be reviewed soon! ) that dries all the oil out of your face and I use that in the morning, so I’ve been using this one in the evening to give my face that more bit of moisture. So, this is a funky sort of cleanser. Its squishy, and pink, but with some green ( I reckon that’s the moss that they say is in the ingredients ) I personally don’t particularly like the smell at all, but the cleanser is great so I ignore it!




How do you use that on your face I hope  you’re asking? Well you pinch a pea sized amount and put it on the palm of your hand like so…



And then you mix it with water so it turns into a milky or paste texture and you continue to wash your face as normal, and rinse it off with water. It cleanses your face beautifully and moisturises brilliantly. Your skin is beautiful and soft by the time you’re done!




Thanks guys!


3 responses

  1. I found the smell of this so off-putting that I couldn’t use it, but it is a great cleanser 🙂

  2. Yeah the smell is disgusting but it’s a great cleanser so I try to ignore it. I’ll use this one up but I dont think I’ll repurchase it!

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