Bronze Nails

I decided I’d paint my nails this morning since I have loads of time to doss before going to my College Placement. Also, third blog post today, I’m doing pretty good! Let me give you a little background to my relationship with nail varnish : It hates me. As soon as I apply it it will smudge, when it finally dries over all my blobby fixers, it chips like nobodies business. So, you can say I always start painting my nails with the thought of “Whats the point?” 

Ladies and Gentlemen today I have had success in painting my nails! I bought two nail polishes from Superdry, a bronze and a purple and I used bronze today because it just looks like the perfect fall colour. I used my beauty block to smooth my nail, so it would give my nail polish a better base and I just went ahead and started. 





The nail polish has a lovely light consistency and spreads perfect. Each coat went on so easily and it dries almost instantly. I used two coats, because I thought one was just too light. This is the first time I have had no smudges, no chips just perfect even coverage and I am so impressed. For 7.99 each these nail polishes are a bargain! I am writing this about fifteen minutes after painting them so hopefully they survive the day..

The pictures don’t really capture how it has a lovely shimmer in the natural light, it’s just so much nicer in person!


Have you ever used Superdry ail polish?




2 responses

  1. I’ve never used them, but I’ll definitely check them out! I have the same issues with nail painting.

  2. I’m sitting here typing at work, and I done chores before I left the house and there has been no chipping at all, I need to get more and I really recommend them 🙂

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