Okay, so I’ve been saving up all the empty products I had over the past few weeks. It takes me a while to work through products so there is only a few, but I thought I’d share with you guys!


Garnier Soft Essentials Comforting Toner




This product is just so nice to use. Its moisturising s well as toning so your skin is so soft after use. The scent is really delicate and not strong at all which is good. I have to use acne treatment at night, which I can’t use moisturiser with so I love using this before putting on the acne cream, as it helps to moisturise my face.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends



I love, love, love this. i am going to have to buy another bottle of this stuff. It has helped with split ends and it leaves your hair soft all day long. I noticed that breakage was less since I began using this. It has a lovely scent and basically just does what it says on the bottle!


Strepsils+Plus Throat Spray



I suffer with chronic sore throats, and when I get one it takes forever to go away but this stuff works so well. It numbs your throat to take away the pain and has antibacteriasl to take away the infection. It tastes disgusting, like horrible, but it does the job!

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser





I loved this so much that I already bought a bigger sized bottle. It is a fresh, minty ( I can’t describe it any other way ) facewash. It leaves your skin tingling, so you know it has worked well. The consistency is so nice, its so soft to rub on your skin. It’s just a great facewash.


E.L.F eyeshadow primer




I’m so bad, I can’t remember what eyeshadow primer this is from e.l.f but it works so well. My eyeshadow lasted all day. The consistency was nice, you did have to leave it to dry before putting your shadow on which was annoying to me but it worked well so it was worth the wait.


Mask of Magnaminty



I am a Lushie and this product is great for oily/combination skin. It prevents breakouts, reduces redness,and smells delicious. I have to buy more of this stuff.


Ocean Salt



This product is great for your face and your body but don’t get any in your mouth its horrible! It really exfoliates and leaves your skin so smooth!


Well that’s all guys!



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