Exercise Weekly – KETTLEBELLS

I ADORE going to my kettlebells class. Its an all womens class, taught by a woman. And it is TOUGH. Put a group of women into a room and they will compete with each other. No doubt about it. 

Read this article, they word it way better than I could! 


I’ve been going to this class for quite a while now and its three times a week for 45 minutes a go. Kettlebells are a weight, but you do different actions with them and without them. Its an all body workout, and you can burn up to 1200 calories a class. You tone the whole body and burn fat together! 

Its so tough, like unbelievably, and you can feel it working every day after class. You build muscle, but don’t look as muscly as men. We sue lower weights ( I’m on a 10kg ) and it tones rather than building huge muscles. Because let’s face it, the body builder look would NOT suit me.

I’ve recommended it to friends and family and some have liked it, others didn’t because it’s tough. 

If it’s in an area near you give it a try, I swear, you’ll love it!



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