September Favourites



Okay, so I know I’m two days, too early with this post, but I have a feeling that this week is going to be busy and I’m exactly too sure if Ill have time to post anything so I decided to do it now while I had the time. I had a LOT of favourites this month, I just couldn’t help it. So I’ll just dive right in shall I?


I had two fragrances that I was constantly wearing this month, and both were gifts off my boyfriend over the past year. They both make great  day time scents, and are equally as good for evening time. They are Escada Cherry in the Air and Calvin Klein Escape. They both smell quite different, as you can guess Cherry in the Air smells like Cherry, its just a nice, sweet girl scent and I love it! Escape has a scent that is kind of hard to describe, its kind of fresh, fruity and floraly- ish. It’s quite a unique scent and you only need a teensy spray as it can be strong, but it has incredible lasting power.




Hair Products

I only really had two hair products that I enjoyed this month and they are Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends and Toni&Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner.  Beautiful Ends helps to protects against split ends and it just makes the hair feel so smooth. You run it through your tips daily and just leave it. It works all day long to protect against breakage.  The Toni&Guy conditioner doesn’t have a pleasing smell, but the results are fantastic. Your curls or waves are so smooth and it leaves no frizz in your hair. It really conditions it, making your hair silky smooth!






So I had a few products for my face this month, those were Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed and Scrub Your Nose in It, Lush Mask of Magnaminty, Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, T-Zone Shine Control Cleansing Wipes and last of all Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser.

So I have done a review of the Soap & Glory products last week so I will just quickly say that they clean deep down into your pores so nicely and you notice the difference in your skin by the second use.  They really do make a difference and your skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards. Mask of Magnaminty from Lush is just the nicest face mask, its so refreshing and has a peppermint scent. It can be used on both your face and your back and it combats redness from the moment you put it onto your face. It also helps to clear up oily skin! Bubblegum Lip Scrub has been my saviour this month as I have had really dry lips, you rub it on and then lick it off and the flavour is delicious! Your lips are so smooth afterwards, but you should use a lipbalm too. The Body Shops eye make up remover actually stings my eyes a little bit if any gets in, but it does the job effectively and is moisturizing too so it doesn’t dry out the eye area. T-Zone facial wipes have really helped my shiny face be kept under control, the only thing that I have tried that really does so I am so impressed. Your skin tingles as you use them so you know you are getting a deep down clean. And lastly, Clean&Clear deep action cream cleanser is so lovely for everyday use, both morning and evening. It leaves a minty feeling and tingle after you wash your face making it feel really cleaned and fresh I love it!





I only have two body products and they are Lush Ocean Salt and Cath Kidston Blossom hand cream. Ocean Salt is a facial scrub but I use it on my lower body as the salt particles are large and really exfoliate the skin. Its perfect to use before shaving your legs as they are so soft and smooth afterwards. Cath Kidston Blossom has a really delicate floral scent and really moisturizes your hands, and they stay soft and smooth for hours after use which I adore.



Make Up

I haven’t really been using much make up the past month. For my eyes it has to be my Naked Palette, hands down because it just has fabulous every day colour that suit all skin types and you can create so many looks from it.  The two eyebrow pencils to fill in my brows, they are Essence and Rimmel, and sometime si mix them for more definition but I mainly use essence and its in blonde and it matches my hair colour nicely because I don;t think dark brows suit me at all. To just smooth my skin and reduce the look of my pores I have been using two products together which are The Body Shops Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and Avons Face Perfector.  They do what I said, just smooth the look of the skin and minimise my pores, without clogging them so they don’t cause breakouts.  The onto Mascara which is from Seventeen and is a brown/black colour it has a nice consistency and doesn’t clump, it’s also waterproof so its good for the Irish weather. Lastly, I have a Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose and OH MY GOD, your lips are so moisturised and soft and perfect, it really does the job and the scent is great too!Image


Well thats everything! Thanks for reading ❤


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