Scrub Your Nose in It & No Clogs Allowed Review




I think I’ll start with Scrub Your Nose in It as it’s the product that many people would use first, I think.  So, as the name suggests it’s a facial scrub for oily/combination skin, with a special pore refining formula. It contains superfruit yuzu and d-clog micromud. Basically, you dampen you t-zone, or your whole face if you’d like. Then you rub the scrub on in circular motions and leave for two minutes. It doesn’t have a hard, abrasive formula which is nice. You can really feel the deep cleansing action of this facial scrub when you leave it on, which is satisfying because you know that it’s working. After the two minutes is up, you wash it off, and then apply moisturizer. I personally saw this product working from the first time I used it. I noticed that I had a lot less clogged pores on my forehead than before. 

I follow up with No Clogs Allowed facial mask. Its described as a “Super self heating deep pore detox mask”. To use this product, you take a grape sized amount and rub it on to your face. Then you wet your hands and scrub until the mask turns blue and begins heating. You then leave it for five minutes. I never got a shade of blue that stood out, it was a more subtle shade, so perhaps I was using it wrong, who knows? You can feel how deep down into your pores it goes, and it tingles. It feels really silky on your face. After five minutes, wash it off with a warm wet washcloth. And your face comes out SO SMOOTH! It feels extremely nice and is so worth the price. 

I use the two products together because I have oily/combination skin, and you really notice that if you have clogged pores or blackheads that these two products clean them out so well, without being too harsh on your skin.


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